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Auction Previews

Running an auction preview site can aid the success of your fundraising event in numerous ways. An auction preview site is one of the most effective methods of promoting and generating excitement around a live auction event. They both create early competition and publicity around a fundraising event, and give people the opportunity to pledge their support for the charity.

Auction theory suggests the more information you provide people the more likely they will be to want to bid on an item. The information available on a preview site motivates people into taking an interest in the auction and increases competition for lots before a fundraising event has even begun.

The interactive nature of a preview auction allows more scope than a printed brochure. Perhaps most importantly potential bidders can be sure that information about the lots is fully detailed and updated, therefore increasing confidence. This encourages stronger bidding for the items as bidders are comfortable with what is for sale and become more motivated to win the item.

Auction preview sites make it much easier for people to pass on details of lots and the auction itself to other people via email, social networking and blogging. Thus the auction event and the items for auction can be promoted on a wide scale and at a minimal cost. The preview site has the potential of coming to the attention of people who would not otherwise have been aware of the event. Even if it is not possible for these people to attend the event, proxy bidding arrangements could be made so these too can take part in the auction.

Collective intelligence can be used to discover data about what most interests visitors to the site, and how they found out about the site. This information can help you market the auction in a more targeted and efficient way. The lots that attract the most interest can be promoted more heavily, and the data can be used as a helpful guide as to what might be most successful in future fundraising auctions.

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