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Bulk Information Upload

Our bulk upload options enable fast and effective implementation of large lot volumes in a single step. Lot details and text can be provided via a simple, standardised spreadsheet, while corresponding images can be uploaded and automatically allocated en-masse.j0442159

These features offer incredible time-saving benefits, together with the immediate ability to import data from other systems.

Where significant numbers of lots are being provided for an auction, this feature is absolutely essential, and provides for local data manipulation and editing, prior to insertion into the auction database.

Bulk Upload : Lots

  • We provide a standardised spreadsheet template, which can be downloaded from the administration area. All essential columns are pre-defined, ensuring you’re off to a quick start with no confusion.
  • Collate and organise all your lots in a simple and effective ‘local’ spreadsheet, before uploading to the administration area back-office.
  • Provides for the editing & modification of lot details ‘en-masse’, before final insertion into the software.

Bulk Upload : Images

  • ‘Drag & Drop’ functionality for all images, allowing you to upload everything required for an entire auction with the minimum of hassle and fuss.
  • Provides auto-allocation of each image to its corresponding lot via the lot number.
  • Full sorting, reordering and re-allocation capability for all lot images.
  • Individual images can be uploaded and changed lot-by-lot if desired.
  • Complete management of all lot images after bulk uploading has been completed.


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