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Coffee Auctions

Sensible Development are one of the very few globally-acknowledged specialists in online coffee auction software.

We run the world’s premier coffee auction program, ACE Cup of Excellence, as well as numerous long-established estate events and we run auctions across 10 countries . We have been creating auction websites for over 14 years and reliably manage $millions of green bean sales on our platforms every year. Recognised as experts in the sector, we work with key players across the industry:





Coffee was first auctioned online in 1999. The same year, The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) launched the Cup of Excellence program, in which growers in origin countries bring their finest (85+ SCAA scoring) beans to be judged by the most discerning tasters. Micro lots of the winning coffees are then auctioned to the global buyers at each event, with the top-rated achieving the highest prices.


We can run your coffee auction…

Our team has a wealth of experience working with the leaders of the coffee industry – find out more here. We can bring our recognized coffee sector expertise and cutting-edge technology to your website; helping you easily and profitably auction your coffee, seamlessly manage the marketing and sales process, and maximise your returns.

For each auction we:

  • Manage the (fixed fee) set-up in consultation with you; design, content and branding
  • Include multiple language content and functionality if needed
  • Look after the upload of all lot details and images for you
  • Manage the sample order and payment process and provide details of sample requests
  • Take payments for auction entry if required
  • Handle the bidder registration and verification process, providing you with a list of bidders for approval
  • Co-ordinate email marketing to promote your auction before the event, and the results thereafter
  • Provide dedicated support throughout your event

Based in Brighton, the UK’s coffee capital, we’d be delighted to chat with you about your coffee auction and how we can help. Get in touch today

 Specialty Coffee Auction Benefits

Online auctions are now the global standard for the lucrative specialty coffee sector.

The marketing benefits are obvious – farms gain acclaim and recognition, generate much higher revenue commensurate with their quality and build ongoing relationships with buyers. Winning a national auction can put an estate on the map, exponentially increase demand and allow them to invest in their processes and people.

Analysis of coffee auction sales shows how much the value of specialty green beans has gone up through auction sales (average prices over doubling in less than 10 years), with auction premiums way above market price.

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