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Access your auction from any device with our new “responsive” technology

These days people can access the internet from a wide range of different devices, from netbooks to tablets to mobile phones. However, many websites are not ideally suited to being viewed from these alternative devices. Often websites are too large, bloated and awkward to use on small screens.

Several of our own customers have mentioned to us how much they would appreciate our sites being more easily accessible from mobile phones. So we thought we ought to respond to this and make our sites fully optimised for use on any size of screen, whether big or small.

Rather than maintaining a costly app or creating a dedicated mobile site, we’ve decided to make use of web development technology known as “progressive enhancement” or “responsive design”. This technology means our auction sites will automatically adapt themselves to any screen size, without losing any content. The site you view from your mobile will be identical to the one you view from your PC. Users can bid on items and browse your auction site in exactly the same way as normal, without any inconveniences.

We have already implemented progressive enhancement for numerous sites, including for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. We have also implemented it on our new Rental demo site, which you can read more about here.

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