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A video showing how our live internet auction software works

Following on from our announcement that we have put together an demonstration site for our live internet auction webcasting software, we have now put together a video screencast demonstrating how the auction software works.

You can see the video here:

The video takes you through the key functional areas of the platform showing how the following work:

  1. How the online bidder makes bids in the platform.
  2. How the auction house backroom staff transcribe bids from the live auctioneer in to the auction platform.
  3. How the auction admin staff proxy the bids from the online bidders to the auctioneer through confirming them on the scribe console.
  4. How lots are ended.
  5. A explanation of how the real time messaging system can be used to make system wide announcements.
  6. How the users can ask auction house staff questions, and then how the auction staff can post private answers to thopse questions.
  7. How to suspend bidding.

We have found that this helps provide a definitive display of how our software operates. Whilst users would usually use one side of the system rather than the other this interleaved approach illustrates the actual process as an auction progresses. In the future we will be putting more video screencasts together on our auction software You Tube channel, so please check back later for more.

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