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We put together some slides outlining our online auction software

We thought it might be useful to out together some slides to help provide an easy to digest overview of how our system works. It seem to be the logical step prior to putting together some screen casts of our software in operation.

So the first set of slides provides a general outline of the front end functionality with a brief summary of the admin features whilst the second gives a more detailed view of the auction management functionality.

1. Online auction software overview


These slides provide an overview of the following: 

  • Introduction to the software
  • Lot listing
  • Lot detail page
  • Bidding history
  • Auction management summary
  • Lot management
  • Bid management

2. Auction management overview    



This slideshow provides an introduction to the auctioneer management functionality. It provides an overview of the following features:

  • Bid management
  • Lot management
  • User management
  • Category and tag management

These slides will help provide an introduction to our auction software. We are planning some screencast video which will show the software in action along with explanations of how it works. These will be on the site in due course.

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